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  • interhasa! Electric Hand Dryer for Commercial Bathrooms

    • UPDATED 3rd GENERATION HAND DRYER — This updated Jet hand dryer uses a more powerful main board, thinner cover design, lower noise, and lower power consumption technology. High quality ABS Material and updated structure ensures the product’s life time. Its elegant design makes it a premium decor for all commercial bathrooms.
    • HIGH SPEED HAND DRYER – Double-sided Jet design with ultra high speed. 1800 Watts 95m/s air dryer, fast drying within 5-7 seconds, 3 times faster than compact hand dryers. Its speedy dry time and highly refined design creates a refreshing lifestyle and better customer experience in a high traffic area.
    • HEPA FILTER – This bathroom hand dryer with built-in high quality HEPA filter is more hygienic. It cleans the air and provides absolutely pure air flow. The detachable air filters can also prevent dust from entering the machine, which also can promise the long life of the air hand dryer.
    • LOWER NOISE & ENERGY CONSUMPTION – This electric hand dryer dries hands in less than 7 Seconds using 80% less energy than Normal warm Hand Dryer. Largely saves Electricity and Costs less to run. The best Hand Drying alternative for any environment with 70% smaller carbon footprint than Paper Towels.
    • WALL MOUNTED & EASY INSTALLATION – With a modern and sleek design, this jet hand dryer is suitable for public school, hospital, star hotels, airports, shopping malls, restaurant, and other consistently high-traffic restrooms.
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    $329.00 $180.95
  • Kawasaki Original Equipment Kawasaki Air Filter for Kawasaki FR and FS Series Engines, OE# 11013-0752, 11013-7049, 1103-7047

    Kawasaki air filters have been tested in punishing conditions to ensure consistent performance year-round. The precision fit maintains original engine efficiency and performance. The filters provide higher dirt capture capability resulting in less engine maintenance over time.

    • For Kawasaki Engines.
    • Fits DEWALT Zero-Turn Mower models X548 and X554.
    • Original equipment part for air filters 11013-7052, 11013-7049, 1103-7047, 99999-0384, KM-11013-7049, KM-11013-7052 and KM-11013-7047.
    • Contents include one air filter.
    • Factory tested and approved to provide the perfect fit, strength, durability and performance.
    • Kawasaki Air Filters provide superior filtration with low-flow restriction. They are built for long life and help to protect your engine.
    • Filters are designed by engineers using high-quality materials for superior dust-holding capacity.
    • Filters trap and hold damaging particles effectively ensuring less engine maintenance over time.
    • For detailed installation instructions, please refer to your instruction manual.
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    $21.98 $12.09
  • Everbilt 30/50 Low Pressure Switch For Well Pumps

    This pressure switch signals the pump to start when the water system drops to 30 PSI (factory set) and stops at 50 PSI (factory set). This switch is to be used with submersible well or jet pumps. It can be wired 115-Volt or 230-Volt. This switch must be used in conjunction with a well pressure tank. The air pressure in the well tank, when empty of all water, must be set to 28 PSI, or the switch will not operate properly. This switch is equipped with a low-level cut-off arm that automatically shuts off a well pump when there is a dramatic decrease in pressure, such as a leak in the discharge pipes or a faulty pressure tank.

    • Turns pump on at 30 psi, off at 50 psi.
    • Cap removes for easy adjustment.
    • Can be wired 115-Volt or 230-Volt.
    • For use with submersible well or jet pumps.
    • Motor wires are connected to the 2 middle posts (color does not matter).
    • Breaker box wires are connected to 2 outside posts (color does not matter).
    • 2-spring design allows for adjustment of cut-in and cut-out pressure settings.
    • Adjustments to springs should only be made by users with good knowledge of well systems.
    • Switch shuts off pump automatically when there is a dramatic decrease in pressure.
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    $30.82 $16.95
  • Defiant 15 Amp In-Wall 3-Way Daylight Adjusting Digital Timer Switch with Screw Terminals, White

    Your switch does the work for you with the Defiant 7-Day In-Wall Digital Timer. By supporting up to seven ON/OFF schedules, the timer is ideal for varied routines. A seven-day cycle allows different schedules based on the day of the week. It provides simple, convenient automation for your hardwired lighting in single-pole or three-way installations. For increased versatility, the timer works with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs, which is perfect for porch lighting, ceiling lights, seasonal decor and more. In addition to custom ON/OFF programs, dusk and dawn settings enhance scheduling options. The random feature fluctuates programmed times by up to 30 minutes to create a lived-in appearance. A countdown function automatically turns off lights after a desired period. Built-in self-adjusting technology automatically recognizes the sunrise and sunset times for your region and makes the appropriate adjustment to your lighting settings. The timer features a replaceable door to conceal the buttons and includes white and light almond doors to match your existing rocker-style switches – wallplate not included. It also serves as an ON/OFF switch when closed. Home automation is even more automatic with the Defiant 7-Day In-Wall Digital Timer.

    • Self-adjusting technology – Built-in technology automatically adjust lighting times based on sunrise and sunset in your region and accounts for daylight saving time changes.
    • Weekly programming – 7-day cycle provides consistent control with the ability to vary schedules based on the day of the week.
    • Switch upgrade – Replaces single-pole or three-way switches to control LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs, and other fixtures – neutral wire required.
    • Replaceable door – Convenient door in white and light almond conceals programming buttons and functions as ON/OFF switch.
    • Digital display – Large LCD screen offers easy viewing of settings and time.
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    $27.98 $15.39
  • QEP 4-1/8 in. Wide Economy Knee Kicker

    The Economy Knee Kicker secures carpet during installation and makes it easy to fix loose carpet. This positioning tool is designed for use with low-profile carpet, and features teeth angled forward to help grip and hold the carpet. The teeth are not straight, because this kicker is not intended to pull or stretch carpet to remove wrinkles. The thick foam-filled bumper pad and nonslip, comfort foam grip handle make this knee kicker comfortable to use. It is ideal for small installations, to fix loose carpet, and to use in hallways and closets. Lightweight aluminum and steel construction.

    • For small installations and fixing loose carpet.
    • Tighten loose carpet like a professional.
    • Lightweight aluminum and steel construction.
    • Great for hallways and closets.
    • Features a soft, foam comfort grip handle.
    • Triple nap grip design to hold carpet firmly.
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    $45.47 $25.01
  • PEX-a Expansion Tool (Tool-Only)

    The Apollo ExpansionPEX Expansion Tool is a bare tool without expander heads. When combined with Apollo ExpansionPEX Expander Heads, the tool provides consistent and reliable expansion of Apollo ExpansionPEX tubing. The Apollo ExpansionPEX system is a comprehensive piping system comprised of lead free brass fittings, poly alloy fittings, manifolds, valves, fasteners, tools and tubing designed…

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    $99.98 $54.99
  • 3/8 in., 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. PEX-B Quick-Cinch Clamp Tool

    Pex Pinch Clamp Tool.

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    $36.35 $19.99
  • Husky 2 in. Ratcheting PVC Cutter

    Husky’s 2 in. Quick Change Ratcheting Cutter tackles PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene pipe, PEX and Polyethylene pipe up to 2-3/8 in. outer diameter (2 in. inner diameter). The ratcheting action features quick change blade mechanism for added user convenience.

    • Cuts up to 2 in. PVC (or 2-3/8 in. O.D.).
    • Perfect addition to your toolbox.
    • Quick-change blade mechanism.
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    $26.82 $14.75
  • HDX 600 Lumens Integrated LED Clamplight

    This 600 Lumens Integrated LED Clamplight presents a unique ultra-thin design that is compact and convenient to use in different sites, such as the garage or workroom. Supplying with the separate magnetic metal base to have 4-in-1 function which makes it to be a hanging lamp, hand-Held work lamp, table lamp or magnetic lamp freely according to different demands. This light is built with the LED integrated, ensuring long-lasting and energy-efficient illumination.

    • High power SMD LED with 600 Lumens light output.
    • Ultra-thin panel for saving freight, store shelves and storage places.
    • With metal base, 4-in-1 function: hanging lamp, hand-held work lamp, table lamp and magnetic lamp.
    • Ball joint for easy positioning.
    • SPT-2-8/2 in. 5 ft. cord.
    • Energy saving durable on/off power switch.
    • Full metal clamp with scratch-resistant vinyl sleeve.
    • Frosted lens decreases glare and provides softer and even light distribution for user-friendly.
    • Heavy duty structure.
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    $19.98 $10.99
  • Hampton Bay 1-Light Black R20/PAR20 Medium-Step Linear Track Lighting Head

    This Hampton Bay Linear Track Lighting Head provides an abundance of light and sophistication to your interior space. It features a multi-directional lamp head to provide light to difficult places where light does not reach. A linear track section and power supply are required (sold separately) or use it as an add-on to a Hampton Bay, Commercial Electric or H/EC (3 BUS) track lighting system that you already have installed.

    • Durable metal construction is built to last and offers a clean, refined look.
    • Multi-directional to provide a customized direction of light.
    • Requires 1 medium based, 60-Watt MAX, R, PAR or BR light bulb (sold separately).
    • Compatible with most standard 120-Volt incandescent style dimmer switches (verify bulb requirements when using LED).
    • 100% compatible with all 120-Volt Hampton Bay, commercial electric EC/H series, 3 BUS linear track systems, components and accessories.
    • Requires a 3 BUS, EC/H series track section and power feed to operate (sold separately)
    • Easy to follow instructions.
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    $13.96 $7.68
  • Commercial Electric 2 in. White True Baffle LED Integrated Trimless Recessed Lighting Kit

    Integrated all-in-one recessed lights are the homeowners dream; perfect for value-added lighting upgrades to enhance the look of your interior with the highest quality LEDs without breaking the bank. With a low profile junction box and push and click quick connects, these lights are very easy to use. The petite 2-inch size sits flush in the ceiling without a decorative trim allowing you to create trendy pockets of light. The lights are rated 90 CRI, enhancing the appearance of the true colors, while a 3000-kelvin color temperature provides a soft white light. With ENERGY STAR Certification and lasting 50,000 hours, this LED Integrated Recessed Light lasts for years to come saving you time, energy and money.

    • LIGHT SPECS: 6W Integrated LED – 370 lumens – 3000 kelvin (warm white) – 90 CRI – Energy Star Certified – 40-degree beam angle – 50,000 hour lifespan – 2.25-inch hole size – 2.44-inch trim size.
    • PETITE ARCHITECTURAL SIZE: the petite 2-inch size is ideal for creating different lighting ambiance and designs creating unique lighting for any space.
    • DIMMABLE: with a LED compatible dimmer switch to provide the perfect ambiance for any mood or occasion (dimmer switch sold separately).
    • IC RATED: for direct contact with insulation – no recessed can required – CEC Title 24 Compliant.
    • EASY INSTALL: a trimless profile, integrated LED and a slim junction box that will not interfere with your joists or ductwork – the effortless push and click quick connects allows for worry free, easy installation and are the choice of professional electricians.
    • WET RATED AND AIRTIGHT: perfect for showers, bathrooms, outdoor soffits and all general lighting applications.
    • ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED: reduce energy, maintenance and cooling costs with an Energy Star certified integrated LED, meeting the highest Energy Star standards, this light is sure to be the highest quality product for years to come.
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    $22.96 $12.63
  • Hampton Bay Less than 2 ft. 3-Light Brushed Nickel Semi-Flushmount LED Fixed Track Lighting Kit

    This 3-light track light uses simple, stylish design to function as a sharp contemporary or transitional fixture. with adjustable Integrated LED lights and a clean Brushed Nickel finish, the fixture will accent your modern decor. The multi-functional lights work great as directional accent lighting and task lighting.

    • Adjustable.
    • Dimmable.
    • Integrated LED.
    • 1200 Lumens.
    • 3000K.
    • 120-Volt.
    • 18-Watt.
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    $154.00 $84.70
  • Dyna-Glo Pro 4,800-Watt 240-Volt Electric Garage Heater

    The Dyna-Glo Professional 4,800-Watt Electric Garage Heater is the ideal heating solution for your garage, warehouse or workshop. The Dyna-Glo Professional Electric Garage Heater features 2-heat settings, convenient space-saving ceiling-mount and adjustable thermostat. The EG4800DGP provides 16,380 BTUs while efficiently heating areas up 400 sq. ft. To ensure safety this heater was designed with overheat protection and an industrial grade steel grill.

    • 2-heat settings.
    • BTUs: 12,285 low, 16,380 high.
    • Fully enclosed motor.
    • Space saving ceiling mounted design.
    • Fully assembled.
    • NEMA plug included.
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    $94.96 $52.23
  • Bonaire Durango Duet 300 CFM 3 Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler for 100 sq. ft.

    The Bonaire Durango Duet 300 CFM portable evaporative cooler is designed to cool areas up to 100 square feet. This cooler has a modern stylish design and features automatic vertical louvers. This portable cooler comes with an attached carrying handle for easy and lightweight portability.

    • Powerful 3-speed fan and large 1.6-gallon tank.
    • Automatic vertical swing louvers for complete room coverage.
    • Cools areas up to 100 sq. ft.
    • Oscillates on sturdy base.
    • Lightweight with carry handle for easy portability.
    • Can act as a portable evap cooler or fan.
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    $88.00 $48.40
  • Handy Heater 1200-Watt Oscillating Parabolic Heater

    Introducing HANDY HEATER Heat Wave Oscillating, the parabolic space heater that concentrates soothing heat on you. The concentrated heat reflects off the curved large radiant face for instant, sun-like warmth without noisy fans. HANDY HEATER Heat Wave Oscillating is extremely powerful with 1200-Watt and 2 heating modes. The advanced ceramic technology provides incredible warmth and enables the unit to use less energy than conventional space heaters. HANDY HEATER Heat Wave Oscillating is perfect for any room in your home. Great for living rooms, bedrooms, dens, offices, dorm rooms, garages, basements, and more. Best of all, HANDY HEATER Heat Wave Oscillating is whisper quiet, allowing you to relax or sleep without being disturbed. The safety features include auto-off tip over protection and cool-touch housing. Use HANDY HEATER Heat Wave Oscillating to turn your personal space into a warm comfort zone.

    • Instant, Sun-like warmth.
    • Advanced Ceramic Technology.
    • Powerful 1200-Watt.
    • 2 heating modes.
    • Large radiant face.
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    $36.36 $20.00

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