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  • Home Accents Holiday 9.5 in LED Hands Crystal Ball Halloween Decoration

    Transform your tablescape and delight Halloween dinner guests with this 9.5-inch smoky ball in hands. Clasping the orb, artistically painted claw-like hands present an otherworldly look, giving off a sinister vibe. The blue orb emits a smoky haze for a terrifying ambience, while the bright LED glow adds a hint of illumination to amp up the mystery. This battery-powered smoky ball in hands features tiny skull carvings along the base to add a spine-tingling effect.

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    $27.27 $15.00
  • 6.5 ft Animated Jack Skellington Halloween Animatronic

    This animated Jack Skellington figure amps up the spookiness of the season. Movements and music are sensor-activated for easy operation, and the plug-in design ensures access to dependable power. The hands, fingers and mouth of this Disney character move to make your guests turn on their heels in fright. By playing Jack’s Lament from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this Halloween indoor decor is sure to keep your guests entertained. This animated Jack Skellington figure stands 6.5 feet tall to complete your haunted home’s nightmarish aura.

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    $272.73 $150.00
  • National Tree Company 72 in. Halloween Animated Hanging Mummy, Sound Activated

    This sound activated Halloween decoration features lights, sound, and movement. Covered top to bottom in an aged and frayed gauze wrapping, this mummified creature with a hollow-eyed skull head will set the scene for a scary Halloween. Walk nearby, make a noise, and activation occurs causing his head and body to shake and shiver, LED lights on his head and body to flash, and a creepy laughing voice to cry out. Display this animated Halloween trimming in indoor or covered outdoor locations using the hanging loop included. Battery operated using three AA batteries (not included).

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    $90.91 $50.00
  • Home Accents Holiday Halloween Classics Battery Operated LED Jack-O-Lantern

    Bedeck your bloodcurdling abode with this Grimacing Jack olantern figure. The eerily flickering flame effect emits a ghastly glow upon the frightened faces of your friends and family, while the sculpted design creates realistic details to maintain the menacing mood. A height of 21 inches lets this peculiar pumpkin make a creepy cursed centerpiece for your next ghostly get-together. Place this battery-powered Grimacing Jack-o-lantern figure on a shelf or a tabletop for a hair-raising Halloween display. Indoor Use Only!

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    $39.98 $21.99
  • Home Accents Holiday 6 ft Grave & Bones Poseable Skeleton Creeper with LifeEyes LCD Eyes

    Indoor/Outdoor. Timer: 6 Hours ON/18 Hours OFF. LCD Technology Makes Eyes Appear to Move and Blink. Arms and Legs are Poseable. Hanging Loop for Multiple Display Options. Requires (3) C Batteries, Sold Separately.

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    $272.73 $150.00
  • Haunted Hill Farm 20 in. Hanging Talking Clown Head, Halloween Decoration for Indoor or Covered Outdoor Display, Battery-Operated, Purple

    Be afraid! Be very afraid of Haunted Hill Farms Haunted Circus Collection. Our blood-curdling Hanging Clown Heads are sure to terrify any trick-or-treaters, co-workers, or customers. Theres something spooky, this clown will say, and with a wide-eyed smile, hell beckon you his way! Dont be fooled by his grin – he doesnt want to play!…

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    $49.98 $27.49
  • Home Accents Holiday 6 ft Animated Illuminated Wizard Halloween Animatronic

    Add a dash of magic and sorcery to the Halloween season with this 6-foot animated light-up malevolent wizard. With one hand holding a mystical orb and another gripping a staff, this sorcerer casts arcane spells on guests and adds to a spooky atmosphere. The purple robe, wizened face and long white beard pushes the limits of fantasy and gives life to your Halloween display. With glowing LED eyes, this animated light-up malevolent wizard moves its mouth to utter cryptic spells and mystify your guests.

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    $272.73 $150.00
  • National Tree Company 39 in. Halloween Black Cat Go Away in Porch Sign

    Get in the Halloween season spirit with this not so welcoming porch decoration. It is constructed of lightweight composite wood material with the message “Go Away” stacked vertically with the silhouette of a yellow-eyed black cat at the base and flying bats above. The background has a contrasting aged dark woodgrain finish creating a rustic feel. Display this tongue-in-cheek decoration in indoor or outdoor locations by leaning against a wall or by hanging using the attached backside hardware.

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    $33.98 $18.69
  • Home Accents Holiday 9.5 Ft Animated Immortal Werewolf Halloween Animatronic

    Create an atmosphere of dread with this 9.5-foot towering animatronic werewolf. With a howling sound effect this giant beast tips its head and moves its jaws as it howls and snarls ramping up a frightful Halloween vibe. Built-in motion sensors offer interactive fun while orange LEDs enhance a creepy ambience during the night. Featuring an outdoor-rated blow mold construction and animated LCD Life Eyes that stare down errant trick-or-treaters this towering animatronic werewolf is easy to set up as a spine-chilling Halloween yard decor.

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    $454.55 $250.00