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  • interhasa! Electric Hand Dryer for Commercial Bathrooms

    • UPDATED 3rd GENERATION HAND DRYER — This updated Jet hand dryer uses a more powerful main board, thinner cover design, lower noise, and lower power consumption technology. High quality ABS Material and updated structure ensures the product’s life time. Its elegant design makes it a premium decor for all commercial bathrooms.
    • HIGH SPEED HAND DRYER – Double-sided Jet design with ultra high speed. 1800 Watts 95m/s air dryer, fast drying within 5-7 seconds, 3 times faster than compact hand dryers. Its speedy dry time and highly refined design creates a refreshing lifestyle and better customer experience in a high traffic area.
    • HEPA FILTER – This bathroom hand dryer with built-in high quality HEPA filter is more hygienic. It cleans the air and provides absolutely pure air flow. The detachable air filters can also prevent dust from entering the machine, which also can promise the long life of the air hand dryer.
    • LOWER NOISE & ENERGY CONSUMPTION – This electric hand dryer dries hands in less than 7 Seconds using 80% less energy than Normal warm Hand Dryer. Largely saves Electricity and Costs less to run. The best Hand Drying alternative for any environment with 70% smaller carbon footprint than Paper Towels.
    • WALL MOUNTED & EASY INSTALLATION – With a modern and sleek design, this jet hand dryer is suitable for public school, hospital, star hotels, airports, shopping malls, restaurant, and other consistently high-traffic restrooms.
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