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  • Tzumi 7608 UV Sanitizer with Aromatherapy

    Using safe UV-C light, the ionUV Sanitizer effectively eliminates most germs, common pathogenic bacteria and airborne microorganisms, even from the smallest creases and crevices that are difficult-to-impossible to reach with cleaning wipes. Featuring a convenient folding-box design with an extra-deep bed, you have plenty of space to accommodate a wide range of items, whether it be your smartphone or your charger, earbuds, watch, keys, coins, whatever you need to sterilize. For added freshness, a built-in aromatherapy diffuser leaves everything you place within it with a pleasant scentsimply fill the water-tight reservoir with your favorite essential oil, place your item in the bed and close the lid. For liquid-, heat- and chemical-free sanitizing, few methods match UV-C light. Fast and powerful, it fully sanitizes the items you place within the box in as little as ten minutes.

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