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  • Cleanaire 15 in. Portable UV-C Disinfecting Work Light with Motion Sensors Adjustable Timer Alert Warning Function

    Cleanaire Pro UV-C 15in. Portable Disinfecting Sterilizer Work Light kills 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria. UV-C light has the most energy than UVA or UVB which makes it most effective at killing germs and is used to disinfect surfaces, air and liquids. This light has a 30 second delay start and alert function, 4 PLR sensors to shut off UV light and child lock for added safety. It is ozone free, compact to use on the go and includes a 9ft. power cord. Ideal for bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, pantry, playroom, basement, storage room, car/truck or den/office. Say goodbye to sanitizer wipes, gels, sprays and chemical cleaners. Sterilize and disinfect for a safe and healthy environment.

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