Brondell CleanSpa Handheld Bidet in Plastic

Brondell CleanSpa Handheld Bidet in Plastic

The Brondell CleanSpa handheld bidet easily connects to your toilet water supply line, providing a cleansing sanitary wash with the press of a button. Affordably priced and easy to install, this silver hand sprayer dispenses water in two modes: stream or wide spray. A metal T-valve with brass core allows water pressure adjustment and acts as a quick shutoff mechanism after each use. Rinse private areas or cleanse a diaper without retrofitting your entire bathroom.

  • Includes chrome-colored hand sprayer, metal T-valve with brass core, flexible spiral metal hose and holster.
  • All components needed for installation are included.
  • Installs easily with an adjustable wrench (not included).
  • Choose from two sprayer settings: wide spray or stream.
  • Holster can be mounted on wall or toilet.
  • No batteries or electricity required.
  • Hookup is compatible with all toilet fixtures.
  • Spiral hose is lined with a patented inner woven core.
  • Handheld bidet is designed to be shut off easily via T-valve after each use.
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