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  • TOTO Duo Fit In-Wall 0.8/1.28 GPF Dual Flush Toilet Tank Only with Copper Supply Line in Cotton White

    The TOTO DuoFit In-Wall Tank Dual-Flush System with Copper Supply takes up less floor space, giving your bathroom a more open feel and making it easier to clean. This modern design uses TOTO’s Dual-Max flushing system, allowing you to proactively conserve water with a full or light flush option. Choose between a 0.9 GPF rinse or 1.28 GPF for tougher jobs. The DUOFIT harness allows you to select a mounting height of 15 in. to 19 in. This provides the opportunity for you to establish a comfortable bowl height for a wide array of individuals. The in-wall unit can support up to 880 lbs. when installed properly. The kit arrives ready to be installed within a 2 x 6 stud setting with a 2 in. x 6 in. polyethylene waste outlet. If you require installation within a 2 x 4 setting, you will need to additionally purchase TOTOs 2 x 4 PVC outlet kit (THU343). To enhance the installation with a WASHLET bidet seat, there is a pre-attached copper supply built into the system. The separately sold TOTO WASHLET Connection kit will complete your WASHLET install (THU805). This DUOFIT requires the toilet bowl and push plate to be purchased separately.

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    $545.45 $300.00
  • Brondell CleanSpa Enhanced Hand-Held Bidet

    The Brondell CleanSpa Enhanced Hand Held Bidet provides an affordable and easy way to upgrade your health and hygiene. The CleanSpa Enhanced Bidet Sprayer can be DIY installed in minutes by connecting to your toilets clean water supply line and it features enhanced total control thumb controlled water pressure adjustment. A metal T-valve with brass core allows additional water pressure adjustment and acts as a shutoff mechanism after each use along with a flexible metal spiral bidet hose with patented inner woven core. Only parts of the highest quality are used and all necessary parts for standard installation are included. Start achieving a more complete clean today.

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    $54.98 $30.24
  • Round Closed Front Enameled Wood Toilet Seat in White

    This economy round closed front toilet seat is for the budget-minded consumer. It fits the needs for basic applications. Made of enameled wood with Earth-friendly materials and processes.

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    $7.87 $4.33
  • Glacier Bay Elongated Toilet Seat in White

    Made from durable and easy-to-care for white plastic, this Glacier Bay toilet seat is designed to fit all standard elongated toilets. NOT SLOW-CLOSING.

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    $14.55 $8.00
  • Brondell Swash CSG15 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets in White

    Welcome to your new cleaning routine and a better bathroom experience with the all-new Swash CSG15 electronic bidet toilet seat – available exclusively at The Home Depot. Discover why so many are making the switch to superior comfort and enhanced hygiene with endless warm-water front and rear washes, an adjustable heated seat, even a warm…

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    $272.73 $150.00
  • Glacier Bay 2-pc Toilet, 4.1/6.0 GFP Dual Flush (Elong)

    You and your guests will love the comfortable class of this GLACIER BAY 2-piece toilet. Create less water waste with the dual-flush system. Its durable, white vitreous china design will keep your bathroom looking beautiful, flush after flush.

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    $136.36 $75.00
  • Highline Quiet-Close Round Closed Front Toilet Seat in White

    Engineered to fit 1- and 2-piece round-front toilets, this Highline plastic seat features a single-hinge design that makes for easier cleaning. Innovative Quiet-Close technology prevents noisy slamming. Unique Grip-Tight bumpers hold the seat firmly in place and prevent shifting.

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    $23.64 $13.00
  • TOTO Entrada E-Max 1.28 GPF Toilet Tank, Cotton White

    ST243E01 The TOTO Entrada E-Max 1.28 GPF Toilet Tank is designed for use with the Entrada C243EF or C244EF 1.28gpf bowl. The Entrada tank includes a tank to bowl gasket, tank to bowl hardware, and toilet bolt caps. The Entrada tank features TOTO’s E-Max flush technology, featuring a 3 wide flush valve. This reliable, highly…

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    $103.04 $56.67
  • American Standard Slow Close Toilet Seat Cover – Elongated

    The Cadet elongated universal seat features a slow close hinge to prevent slamming. Also, this seat features a patented EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew and bottom mount installation hardware, for easier installation. Create a new, fresh look in your bathroom with the Cadet seat from American Standard. Color: White.

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    $18.18 $10.00